SAP BRIM / Hybris Billing gives customers a variety of alternatives for automating the invoice process. SAP Hybris Billing is a cloud-based solution for automating billing and ordering activities.

The primary functions covered by the SAP Hybris Billing/Revenue capabilities are listed below.

  • Management of Order and Contract Lifecycles
  • SAP BRIM Online Training Managing Revenue/Billing for
  • Subscriptions Quote to Cash Capabilities
  • Revenue is easily integrated with sales, service, and marketing solutions.
  • SAP Hybris Leading Edge public cloud platform for order orchestration.

SAP BRIM (Hybris Billing) module highlights

  • SAP BRIM allows you to bill to a single invoice by combining various billing streams.
  • Revenue sharing agreements for numerous channels are possible with SAP BRIM.
  • SAP BRIM supports subscription billing for a variety of charge types, including one-time and recurring charges.
  • Complex discounting is supported in SAP BRIM, including invoice level and customer level discounts.
  • SAP BRIM allows for complete revenue management.

Service providers can utilize SAP BRIM to bring novel pricing options to market faster than the competition thanks to a simple user interface that requires no scripting.

The system works with prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid billing models to track user accounts in real time and increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to regulate their spending.

B2B situations such as credit pooling and elaborate tiered models, as well as complex B2C scenarios such as family plans, are supported out of the box. Together with client price, the calculation of partner revenue split can be defined.

Marketing and sales are given the authority to develop price structures that reward loyalty, provide partners with flexible terms, and assure accurate settlement.

Finally, operations can centralize pricing for numerous services and lines of business on a single, high-performance platform that dynamically expands to extraordinary transaction volumes while maintaining 99.999 percent uptime.



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  • Subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
  • Hybris Billing, subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
  • Master Data: Business Partner & Business Agreement
  • Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution
  • High level Product Setup & Configuration – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Integration into SAP Hybris Billing Charging
  • Integration into Convergent Invoicing
  • Introducing SAP Convergent Charging Core Tool
  • Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Core Tool
  • Service Provider Master Data
  • Describing Rating Logic Concepts
  • Describing Charging Logic Concepts
  • Describing Allowances – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Customer Master Data
  • Describing Customer Master Data
  • Advanced Exercises
  • Completing the Advanced Exercises
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Architecture
  • Web Services and Java APIs – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Describing Web Services and Java APIs
  • Charging Inputs and Outputs
  • Describing Charging Inputs
  • Describing Charging Outputs
  • Cross Industry Examples – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Describing Cross Industry Examples
  • Optional Topics (See Notes below regarding selection of topics in class).
  • Describing the Refill Concepts
  • Describing Batch Acquisition and Rating Toolset (BART)
  • Describing the Import Export Connector (IEC)
  • Describing Session Based Charging – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Using Convergent Charging as an Online Charging System (OCS)
  • Installing SAP Convergent Charging
  • Describing Performance Tuning
  • Describing System Monitoring
  • Links and Resources
  • Listing the Links and Resources for SAP Convergent Charging 5.0
  • Introduction to Billing for High Volume Industries
  • Architecture of SAP Convergent Invoicing
  • Master Data/FI-CA Basics – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Business Partner Concept for Convergent Invoicing
  • Contract Accounts for Convergent Invoicing
  • Posting Open Items in FI-CA and FI-GL Integration
  • Billable Items Management – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Billable Item Management Overview
  • Performing Billable Item Management
  • Creating and Monitoring Billable Items
  • Billing Process
  • Concepts of Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Billing Process Execution
  • Invoicing Process – SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Invoicing Overview and Execution
  • Invoicing Process Configuration
  • Invoicing Reversal and Billing Reversal
  • Invoice Functions
  • Invoicing Functions
  • Account Display

The solution is made up of four main components:

Subscription order management with SAP BRIM
Convergent Charging in SAP
Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable SAP Convergent Invoicing
These components work together to help with business model design, order administration, usage metering and transaction pricing, billing, and invoice processing, receivables and payables, royalties, and commissions management, and financial customer care support.

SAP BRIM also includes add-on solutions like SAP Convergent Mediation by DigitalRoute, SAP Flexible System Billing, SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting, and SAP Entitlement Management, which may be added as needed to meet specific business needs and supplement the core SAP BRIM solution. The following is a list of SAP BRIM components: